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kinaesthetic, kinesthetic (adjective); more kinaesthetic, more kinesthetic; most kinaesthetic, most kinesthetic
1. The sensation of position, movement, tension, etc. of parts of the body, perceived through nerve-end organs in muscles, tendons, and joints: Dancing is a very kinaesthetic activity in that Susan has to be aware of her body positions, movements, etc.
2. A system used to teach reading and spelling by means of the sensations perceived through movements and feelings; such as, following the written word with one’s finger in sand, on a rough paper towel, or on sandpaper; resulting in an automatic muscular response when one actually writes the word with a pen or a pencil: Martin's son learned his alphabet through the kinesthetic method by tracing letters on a rough paper surface with his finger.
kinesthetic (adjective), more kinesthetic, most kinesthetic
A reference to the sense perceptions of movements: Maude's kinesthetic responses appeared to be very normal as indicated by the muscular stimulations she was receiving from Dr. Sneed.
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kinesthetic hallucination (s) (noun), kinesthetic hallucinations (pl)
False sensations of body movements, as with an amputated-phantom limb: Fred was sure that he was feeling his amputated right arm moving very often; however, Dr. Fisher explained that he was actually experiencing kinesthetic hallucinations.
kinesthetic sense (s) (noun), kinesthetic senses (pl)
The sensations of the movements of muscles that are felt while they are contracting: While using the specialized gym equipment, Lawrence experienced the kinesthetic senses of his muscles stretching and contracting.