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kill, kiln
kill (KILL) (verb)
1. An informal term meaning to make a strong or favorable impression: Cara will kill the audience with her interpretation of the main character in the play.
2. To slaughter an animal for food: The Indians on the plains of North America were hunting to kill the bison and deer for food and for their hides.
3. To cause an interruption or stoppage: Danny had to kill the engine in his car because the motor was smoking and making an awful noise.
kiln (KILN, KIL) (noun)
A heated oven or enclosure typically used for firing ceramics or objects made of clay to dry them to a fine hardness: The potter used a large kiln when making the water pitchers and mugs.

When Marissa starts her electric kiln, she must be careful not to overload the circuits or she will kill the electrical input and have to change the fuse.