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colonel, kernel
colonel (KUR n'l) (noun)
A highly ranking member of the military or similar organization; such as, the Salvation Army: After her many years of service, Lorena was proud to have achieved the rank of colonel.
kernel (KUR n'l) (noun)
1. The soft core of a seed: For a special treat, they popped corn which was made of kernels of dried corn.
2. The essence or central aspect of a thought or an idea: There was a kernel of truth to the story that was being told by the children.

Whenever the military commander wanted a very short snack, he would eat popcorn, which we referred to as "the colonel's kernels".

Units related to: “kernel
(Greek: bacteria; literally, a "berry, kernel")
(Latin: particle; grain, kernel)
(Greek: nut, walnut; kernel; cell, cell nucleus)
(Latin: nut, kernel of a nut; stone of a fruit; central part of a cell)