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(Latin: guardian, keeper, protection; guarding, keeping)
(Trying to find solutions to two life-robbing diseases: Alzheimer's and Parkinson's)
(if patients are fortunate, this is the art of keeping them involved while nature cures their diseases)
(Latin: to give up for safe keeping; a depository, a trustee; to restrict)
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keep (verb), keeps; kept; keeping
1. To hold or to retain an object or idea in one's possession: Laurie wants to keep all of the gifts her uncle gave to her on her birthday.
2. To support, preserve, or ensure the future of: Susana wanted to keep her family name when she got married.
3. To maintain, to make provision for, or to care for: Sabina agreed to keep her niece for a week while her parents went on a business trip.
4. To protect, hold back, or to prevent the movement of someone or something: The police officers were told to keep everyone away from the accident!
5. To proceed, to continue, to move in a direction: Please, keep moving to the entrance.
6. To go along with, to observe, to maintain: Elva and Alfred want to keep the religious holidays.
7. Etymology: from Old English cepan, "to observe, to see, to comply with".
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(fields are protected by barriers of hedges by keeping the wind from eroding (blowing away) valuable top soil)