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cat, cats; kat, khat, qat
cat, cats (KAT, KATS) (noun)
1. A small animal that is related to lions and tigers and which is often kept by people as a pet: Carol's cat is curled up on the window sill enjoying the sunshine.

The lion is often called the "King of the Cats".

2. Now considered an old-fashioned word to refer to a man who considers himself to be fashionable: He was a cool cat who wore spats and a striped suit.
kat, khat, qat (KAT, KAHT) (noun)
The leaves of an evergreen shrub, Catha edulis of Arabia and Africa, the leaves of which are used as a narcotic or a euphoric stimulant when chewed or made into a beverage; such as, a tea: In some countries, kat is chewed and enjoyed on a daily basis.

The old cat thought he was so cool when he got some khat to chew, but when he got home he was so sleepy he forgot to feed his hungry cat.