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1. Young; youthful; also, immature.
2. Designed for or proper to young people; such as, "Some books are published for the juvenile market."
3. The period in an individual's life cycle that lasts from the eruption of the first to the eruption of the last permanent teeth.
4. Immature or childish: "The man's juvenile behavior made him unacceptable for the position."
5. A description or a plant or animal that has not yet reached maturity.
6. A bird that has developed contour feathers but is not yet sexually mature.
7. Characteristics of water or gas that has risen to the earth's surface for the first time.
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juvenile court
A court that has jurisdiction in cases involving dependent, neglected, and delinquent children; usually under the age of 18, and is concerned more with "reform and guidance than with punishment".
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juvenile delinquent, juvenile delinquency
Someone who is guilty of antisocial behavior or of violations of the law, but is too young to be punished as an adult criminal.
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