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justice (s) (noun), justices (pl)
1. The quality of being even-handed; fair-minded, and morally right and fair: "The professor had a concern for justice, peace, and a genuine respect for people."
2. Lawfulness, as of a claim or title; justness of reason: "The justice of the decision that was given by the jury was unquestioned."
3. Conformity to a principle, as shown in behavior and treatment: "Her sense of justice in terms of victims of poverty was well known."

"The business man's outspoken leadership as Chief Executive Officer of the company confirmed his position that the administration of justice for all employees was a primary objective."

4. The administering of deserved punishment or reward: "The law was clear in terms of the justice that was meted out to killers."
5. The maintenance or administration of what is deserved or appropriate by law: "The justice that is administered by this court is well respected in the area of gender equality."
6. Often a formal title of a legal officer or magistrate: "The justice of any court is expected to apply the law in a manner that is right and equitable."
7. To cause a person to come before a court for trial in order to receive punishment for illegal acts: "The thief was brought to justice and would be tried according to the legal statutes of his state."
8. To act or to treat fairly and without prejudice: "The courts are required to achieve justice for everyone." topic was so complex that the professor could not do justice to it in such a short time."
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