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junction, juncture
junction (JUNGK shuhn) (noun)
An intersection or meeting of roads or railways: The town was prosperous when it was a railroad junction.
juncture (JUNGK chuhr) (noun)
A point of time made critical by a combination of circumstances: At this juncture, George must make a final decision regarding his future course.

When Benjamin and his family were traveling across the country by car, they came to a major highway junction. They had to decide if at this juncture in their trip, they should go south or turn east.

1. A point in time, especially an important or critical one.
2. A place where two things are joined; a junction or a joint.
3. The joining of one thing with another one, or their joined condition.
4. Etymology: "a place where two things are joined"; from Latin junctura, "a joining, a uniting, a joint"; from junctus and jungere, "to join".
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