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judicial, judicious
judicial (joo DISH uhl) (adjective)
Relating to the individual holding a senior position within the legal court system: "Judicial ethics should keep a judge, like this one, above suspicion."
judicious (joo DISH uhs) (adjective)
Showing sound judgment: "Calvin's judicious decisions regarding his investments have made him wealthy."

At the trial, the judicial decision was that the stockbroker had made judicious decisions about investing the client's money and had not committed any fraud.

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judicious (adjective), more judicious, most judicious
1. Characterized or marked by the exercise of common sense when making decisions: The organization's judicious planning made it easier to succeed with its objectives.
2. Conveying or showing wisdom, good sense, or discretion, so trouble or waste can be avoided: Jim and Jane were hoping that, when their son goes to college, he will make judicious decisions regarding his future, instead of disregarding the purposes of his education.

Herbert was judicious in selecting furniture and arranging his apartment so it could serve both as his residence and as his business office.

Relating to having sound judgment.
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A wise decision.
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