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journal (s) (noun), journals (pl)
1. Performed, happening, or recurring every day; daily, diurnal.
2. A daily record of commercial transactions, entered as they occur, for the purpose of keeping accounts.
3. A daily newspaper or other publication; hence, by extension, any periodical publication containing news or dealing with matters of current interest in any particular sphere. Now often called specifically a "public journal".
4. Etymology: from about 1355, "a book of church services", from Anglo-French jurnal, "a day"; from Old French journal, originally "daily", from Late Latin diurnalis, "daily"; as in diurnal.

The sense of "a daily record of transactions" was first recorded in 1565; that of "a personal diary" is about 1610, from a sense found in French. "Journalism" in English is from 1833; as well as from French in about 1781.

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