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join (verb), joins; joined; joining
1. The shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made.
2. Become part of something; such as, to become a member of a group or an organization.
3. To meet, or make two or more things meet, and become linked or united.
4. To put or to fix two or more things together: "Make sure you join the foot to the paper body with glue."
5. To establish a connection between two or more things; such as, by drawing a line between them: "He had to join the dots so he could see the results."
6. To become a member of something; such as, a club, a social group, a company, a team, or other organization.
7. To bring two or more people into a partnership; such as, a marriage.
8. Etymology: from Old French joindre, from Latin jungere, "to join, to yoke, to unite".
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(Latin: fit, fitted, suited, suitable, appropriate; join, fasten)
(Latin: link, unite, yoke; bring together, meet, merge, engage in; combine)
(other writers join the bandwagon in revealing fake entries in book)
(Latin: serere, a string, a thread; a row, succession, sequence; to join together, to connect, to combine)
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