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jog, jog
jog (JAHG) (verb)
1. To run or ride at a steady slow trot: The coach told the players to jog out to their positions on the playing field.
2. To rouse or to stimulate as if by nudging: There was an old photo in the album that might jog Jill's memory.
3. To turn sharply; to veer: This is where the boundary will jog south.
jog (JAHG) (noun)
1. A protruding or receding part in a surface or line: As Chris and Christine observed the mountains from the valley, they could see one jog after the other as they pointed up and down, again and again.
2. An abrupt change in direction: When Bill came to a jog in the road, he had to make a sharp turn.
3. A slow run done for exercise: Some people depend on a morning jog to give them energy for the day.

At first, jog was a training regimen for athletes, then it became a fad in about 1967.
4. A light shake or push: Mildred gave Bob a jog with her elbow to stop him from talking so much.

The jog in the road caused Edward's car to jog abruptly to the left. The force of this jog also caused Elisa, who was in the back seat, to jog and to spill her coffee all over her lap.