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use, use, Jews, ewes
use (YOOZ) (verb)
1. To do something with an object, machine, person, method, etc. in order to accomplish a task, do an activity, etc.: "When you are finished talking to Susan on the phone, I'd like to use it please."
2. To treat someone well in order to get something for yourself: "I'm sure he was just trying to use me in that situation because he didn't even say Thank you afterwards and hasn't called since."
use (YOOS) (noun)
The process by which something is performed or some kind of action that takes place: "The children's scissors have become quite dull from constant use over all these years."
Jews (JOOZ) (noun)
People whose religion is Judaism, who are descended from Jewish people, or who participate in the culture surrounding Judaism: "There are Jews in our area who regularly go to their synagogue."
ewes (YOOZ) (noun)
Female sheep: "The shepherd takes care of his rams, ewes, and lambs and makes every effort to secure their safety and good health."

If Jews want to increase the number of sheep in their flocks, they simply must use rams and ewes to make it happen.