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Japanese (Nipponese) months
ichigatsu, sho\gatsz [1st month] (January)
nigatsu, [2nd month] (February)
sangatsu (-gatsz) [3rd month] (March)
shigatsu [4th month] (April)
gogatsu [5th month] (May)
rokugatsu [6th month] (June)
shichigatsu or nanagatsu (sh’chigatsz)
[7th month] (July)
hachigatsu (-gatsz) [8th month] (August)
kugatsu (-gatsz) [9th month] (September)
ju]gatsu (hachigatsz) [10th month] (October)
ju]ichigatsu (ju\ichigatsz) [11th month] (November)
ju]nigatsu (ju\nigatsz) [12th month] (December)

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