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irrelevant, irreverent
irrelevant (i REL uh vuhnt) (adjective)
Unrelated to, not applicable to the matter at hand; not pertinent; not relating to the point: In an effort to sound important, Samuel included many irrelevant comments.
irreverent (i REV uhr uhnt) (adjective)
Lacking in respect or seriousness; disrespectful; especially, to what is sacred: Keith's irreverent statements regarding religion and religious people were unacceptable and inexcusable.

The way some people use God's name in their irreverent and vulgar statements indicates how impudent and inconsiderate some people are.

In a response to the social columnist’s propensity to make irreverent comments in her newspaper columns, the readers started to think of Celeste as old fashioned and irrelevant for these times.

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