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ion implantation
1. The use of a stream of electrically accelerated ions to implant impurities on or near the surface of a substrate during the manufacture of a semiconductor.
2. A method of implanting impurities below the surface of a solid, usually a semiconductor, by bombarding the solid with a beam of ions of the impurity.
3. A process that utilizes accelerated ions to penetrate a solid surface.

The implanted ions can be used to modify the surface composition, structure, or property of the solid material.

Ion implantation is used extensively in the semiconductor industry and the fabrication of integrated circuits in silicon often requires many steps of ion implantation with different ion species and energies.

Ion implantation is also used to change the surface properties of metals and alloys. It has been applied successfully to improve wear resistance, fatigue life, corrosion protection, and chemical resistance of different materials.