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ion-exchange chromatography, ion exchange chromatography
1. A separation technique using a resin (stationary phase), which may be basic or acidic, to bind ionized solutes (mobile phase) reversibly.
2. A chromatographic procedure in which the stationary phase consists of ion-exchange resins which may be acidic or basic.
3. The process of separating and analyzing different substances according to their affinities for chemically stable but very reactive synthetic exchanges, which are composed largely of polystyrene cellulose.

The process uses an absorbent containing ionizing groups and accommodates the exchange of ions between a solution of substance to be analyzed and the absorbent.

Ion exchange chromatography is often used to separate components of nucleic acids and proteins elaborated by various structures throughout the body.

Different ions deposited in the absorbent during the exchange produce bands of different colors, which constitute a chromatograph.

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