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ion-beam machining, IBM
In ion-beam machining, a stream of charged atoms (ions) of an inert gas; such as, argon, is accelerated in a vacuum by high energies and directed toward a solid workpiece.

The beam removes atoms from the workpiece by transferring energy and momentum to atoms on the surface of the object.

When an atom strikes a cluster of atoms on the workpiece, it dislodges between 0.1 and 10 atoms from the workpiece material.

Ion-beam machining, IBM, permits the accurate machining of virtually any material and is used in the semiconductor industry and in the manufacture of aspheric lenses.

The technique is also used for texturing surfaces to enhance bonding, for producing atomically clean surfaces on devices; such as, laser mirrors, and for modifying the thickness of thin films and membranes.

—Compiled from "machine tool", Encyclopædia Britannica; 2010;
Encyclopædia Britannica Online; May 22, 2010.
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