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invocation (s) (noun), invocations (pl)
1. A calling upon a greater power; such as, God or a Holy Spirit for help: In church, during the invocation, the pastor prayed to the Holy Father for His aid and protection of the people in Africa.
2. A form of prayer pleading for God's presence; especially, one said at the beginning of a religious service or public ceremony: When the church service started, the invocation included an earnest plea for the the Holy Spirit to bring them His guidance and help during these troublesome times.
3. The act of calling upon or quoting something; such as, a law as a reason or justification for doing something: As an invocation to support her wish, Sally repeated what her mother had said for moral support, and which she stated to her father: "But Mom said I could stay out with my friends until ten o'clock."
4. A casting of a spell in an attempt to make an evil spirit appear: In a fairy tale that Jimmy was reading, a witch used invocations and recited magical words to summon supernatural powers to put the princess to sleep for 100 years.