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invigilate (verb), invigilates; invigilated; invigilating
1. To keep watch, to supervise, or to monitor: Grandmother sat on the front steps and invigilated her grandchildren, Timmy and Sally, as they played in the yard.
2. Primarily British, to keep watch over students during a period of testing in order to prevent cheating: Mr. Stern was invigilating his class while they were taking their final exams.
3. Etymology: a descendant of the Latin verb vigilare, meaning "to stay awake".

The Latin vigilare is the ancestor of English vigilant, "watchful", and it also gives English reveille, "a signal to wake up in the morning"; via French réveiller; as well as, surveillance, "close watch, supervision", from French surveiller.

To carefully watch.
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To watch diligently.
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