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intervention (s) (noun), inventions (pl)
1. An action undertaken in order to change what is happening or might happen in another’s affairs, especially in order to prevent something undesirable: Intervention was absolutely necessary when the two boys had a terrible fight on the playground.
2. The action of stepping in or interfering in any affair, so as to affect its course or issue: Intervention is frequently applied to the interference of a state or government in the domestic affairs or foreign relations of another country.
3. The fact of coming or being situated between in place, time, or order: The intervention of the fire caused a barrier between the city and the outskirts where Grace lived.
4. Economic action that is designed to counter a trend in a market: The intervention of the the central bank in the EU tried especially to stabilize a country’s currency.
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invention (s) (noun), inventions (pl)
1. A thing that someone has created, especially a device or process; an innovation: People all over the world can be thankful for Thomas Edison's many inventions.
2. The creation of something new: It took a lot of invention for Gary to develop a plan "B" for their trip, since plan "A" wasn't possible after all.
3. A lie, or the telling of lies (used euphemistically): Iris's tale about what happened to her homework was a total invention, and her teacher laughed a lot about that!
4. The talent to create new things: Milly had the aptitude to design helpful devices or little inventions to help her mother and father out in the kitchen.
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(new words for new inventions)
(toilets were finally developed into practical utilities)
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Inventions and Discoveries
Rodney Carlisle; by Scientific American; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; New York; 2004.
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