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invadable (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Susceptible of being entered in a hostel or forceful way: If a country doesn't protect itself at all, it could become an invadable nation for a possible violent attack.
2. Open to being crowded into: The market place in the center of the town was certainly a favorite invadable area where masses of people pushed and pressed to get to their preferred stalls to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.
3. Subject to being infested and spreading through with dangerous effects: When a person doesn't wear a face mask in a store at the present time, the chances of having the invadable coronavirus enter his or her body is greater than when protecting oneself and others.
4. Capable of being infringed or violated upon: When Violet wasn't home, her brother knew that her room was invadable, so he went in and looked through her drawers for her diary!!
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