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inter, inter-, intern, intern, inturn
inter (in TUR) (verb)
To bury a dead person: The arrangements to inter Kevin's uncle were made by his children.
inter- (in TUR) (noun) [a prefix]
Added to the beginning of a word to modify its meaning: The inter, as in internet, is an example of the use of the prefix inter-.
The interface of printed pages and the colored illustrations made the book very interesting.

You may see many more examples of the prefix inter- at this link.

intern (IN turn") (noun)
A student of graduate academic standing completing professional training under the supervision of a qualified instructor: Trisha was an intern at the hospital where she was completing her training as a pediatrician.
intern (IN turn") (verb)
To place in confinement or a restricted environment for political reasons: Many governments choose to intern their citizens in response to certain governmental fears.
inturn (IN turn") (noun)
An inward turn or curve around an axis or fixed point: Steven wore special shoes to correct the inturn of his toes.

The medical intern was assigned to inter a cadaver that had inturn feet.