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intuition (lexicomedy)
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intuition (in: too ISH uhn) (s) (noun), intuitions (pl)
1. The immediate perception or understanding of truths, facts, etc. that are perceived or understood with immediate recognition without the need for having a specific reason: Having experience with several kinds of people, Doctor Jones had developed great powers of intuition.
2. A natural ability or power that makes something possible to know about without any evidence or proof: Sharon's intuition was telling her that something was wrong with her car and that she should not drive it until a mechanic could come and fix it.
4. Etymology: from Late Latin intuitionem, "a gazing at, a looking at"; from Latin intueri, "to consider, to look upon, to contemplate"; in, "at, on" + tueri, "to look at, to watch".
Knowledge based on insight rather than on facts.
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Knowing something by guessing instinctively.
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