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inter-mural, intermural; intramural
inter-mural, intermural (in tuhr MYOOR uhl) (adjective)
Describing the involvement of participants between two or more educational institutions, athletic clubs, or other groups; literally, "between the walls": There were friendly inter-mural debates scheduled among the rival schools.
intramural (in truh MYOOR uhl) (adjective)
Concerning something which exists or is carried on within the bounds of an institution; especially, a school, athletic club, or a group; literally, "within the walls": Kevin signed up to play intramural soccer at his school.

The winner of the intramural sports competition at each of the universities then played an inter-mural game to determine the overall championship.

intramural (adjective), more intramural, most intramural
1. Referring to something that takes place within an educational establishment: Jan's son was participating regularly in intramural swimming at his college.
2. Pertaining to part of normal educational studies or activities that exist or occur within that particular group or organization: Jane and the other students in Karl's college were taking part in intramural competitions against each other instead of against those in other colleges or universities in their city.
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