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1. In Church Music. The opening phrase of a plain-song melody, preceding the Reciting-note, and usually sung either by the priest alone, or by one or a few of the choristers; the recitation of this.
2. The action of intoning, or reciting in a singing voice: esp. the musical recitation of psalms, prayers, etc. in a liturgy, usually in monotone.
3. The utterance or production (by the voice, or an instrument, etc.) of musical tones: in reference to manner or style; especially, to exactitude of pitch or relation to the key or harmony.
4. A fixed intonation, consists of instruments; such as, keyboard instruments, in which the pitch of each note is fixed, not variable at the will of the performer.
5. A manner of utterance of the tones of the voice in speaking; modulation of the voice; accent.