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imitate, intimate, intimate, intimidate
imitate (IM i tayt") (verb)
1. To make or to do something the same way as something else: Our competitors are trying to imitate the identical products that we have been producing for years.
2. To copy another person's behavior, sound, appearance, etc.; to follow the example of; to take as one's model; and to impersonate or to mimic: Jerome is very good at trying to imitate his father's voice.
intimate (IN tuh mit, IN tuh muht) (adjective)
1. Descriptive of a very close relationship; very warm and friendly: Myrna and Lenora have remained intimate friends throughout their lives.
2. Referring to the most private or personal relationship or to the situation of being closely acquainted or associated; very familiar: Karin and Karl have an intimate friendship with their neighbors.
intimate (IN tuh mayt") (verb)
1. To say or to suggest something in an indirect way; to hint or to imply: Willard tried to intimate that Nathan should plan to arrive early for their next business meeting.
2. To make known subtly and indirectly; to hint: During the conversation, Christy tried to intimate that she was not happy with her job.
intimidate (in TIM i dayt") (verb)
1. To make someone afraid or insecure: Vincent tries to intimidate his political opponents with hidden threats.
2. To frighten into submission, compliance, or acquiescence: Sometimes a lawyer will intimidate a witness in order to make that person say something that will weaken his or her testimony.

Nicholas didn't want to imitate nor intimidate what he was about to intimate to his intimate friend.

intimidate (verb), intimidates; intimidated; intimidating
To make someone afraid or to cause that person to feel fear; to deter; especially, by threats of violence: The robber intimidated the bank teller into giving him some money.
To force with threats.
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To terrorize or to scare a person to do something.
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