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intimate (IN tuh mayt") (verb), intimates; intimated; intimating
1. To hint at something or to let something be known in a quiet, indirect, or subtle way: When Ellen was asked about her opinion regarding a certain man's honesty, she remained silent and wouldn't make a comment, which apparently was intimating that she didn't believe the guy to be trustworthy.

Someone can intimate a good deal with a wink or a shrug of the shoulders.

2. To announce something formally: During the business meeting, George was intimating that he would be retiring as the Chief Executive Officer at the end of the year.
3. Etymology: from 1538, "to communicate" or "to notify"; later, "to suggest indirectly" (1590, in Spenser's Faerie Queene); probably a back formation from intimation, modeled on Late Latin intimatus, past participle of intimare, "to make known" or "to announce".
To imply or to hint.
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To indirectly suggest a desire.
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intimates (IN tuh mayts)
When someone implies something as a possibility.