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intersperse (verb), intersperses, interspersed; interspersing
1. To distribute or to scatter among other things at intervals: The contractor interspersed red and blue tiles on the floor of the bathroom.

A person should always try to intersperse praise with constructive criticism.

2. To supply or diversify with things positioned at intervals: There were several interspersed lamp fixtures on the large ceiling of the underground parking area of the hospital that provided excellent light for those who were looking for a place to park and to walk safely to the elevator and get to their medical appointments. 

The TV program was interspersed with several advertisements.

To insert or to place here and there among other things.
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To scatter or to put here and there in different places.
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To scatter among other things at intervals; to supply or to diversify with something that is placed here and there in different locations. (2)