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interpellate, interpolate
interpellate (in TUR pel" ayt, in tuhr" puh LAYT) (verb)
To question formally: It became necessary to interpellate the mayor regarding the charges of corruption.
interpolate (in TUR puh layt") (verb)
To insert or to place someone or something between two or more things or people: Edmond likes to interpolate clever quotations from various writers into his speeches.

The news reporter was allowed to interpellate the politician during an interview. When Lenora prepared her report, she attempted to interpolate direct quotations with the facts gleaned during her interview.

interpolate (verb), interpolates; interpolated; interpolating
To insert words into texts; often altering and falsifying it: Someone apparently interpolated the text of the police report about the automobile crash.
To corrupt a text by altering it with new or unacceptable material.
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To modify a text or to corrupt it by inserting new or abnormal material into the contents. (1)