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intermission (in" tuhr MISH uhn) (s) (noun), intermissions (pl)
1. The act of disrupting an activity temporarily: In many sports activities, the intermission is often called "half time", which is a chance for the players to get a little rest and to get ready for the next half of the game.
2. A time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something: Tom's professor announced a brief intermission during her lecture on astrophysics because the equipment she was using was malfunctioning.
3. A respite or recess: The judge ordered an intermission during the trial to allow the witness, who was upset, to calm down and relax before continuing her testimony.
4. The period between the acts of a theatrical or musical performance: During the intermission at the theater, Linda's parents went backstage to talk with the actors because they had worked together with each other many years before.