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1. To delay, to hinder, or to obstruct the natural or desired course of something: "This weather is going to interfere with our flight plans."
2. To intervene unasked in the affairs of others and often in an impudent or indiscreet manner.
3. To participate in the affairs of others; especially, by offering unwanted or unhelpful advice or by trying to resolve other people's disputes.
4. To obstruct, to block, or to hinder illegally an opponent in a sport.
5. To act together to increase, to decrease, or to cancel out a displacement or an amplitude.
6. To cause electronic interference.
7. Usually with reference to horses, to hit one hoof against the opposite hoof or a leg while walking.
8. Etymology: "to strike against", from Middle French enterferer, "to strike each other"; from entre-, "between" + ferir, "to strike" from Latin ferire, "to knock, to strike".
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