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interdict (s) (noun), interdicts (pl)
1. An authoritative prohibition: "People heard the latest interdict from the leader of the revolution on the radio at midnight, prohibiting people to be on the streets after sundown."
2. In the Roman Catholic Church, an authoritative sentence debarring a particular place or person (especially, the former) from ecclesiastical functions and privileges: "The priest who was being investigated by the police was under an interdict from the archbishop and could no longer participate in the rites of the church until the findings of the investigation were concluded."
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interdict (verb), interdicts; interdicted; interdicting
To declare authoritatively against doing or using something; to forbid, to prohibit; to debar or preclude by or as by a command: The owner of the dog strongly interdicted the animal against chasing cars that were driving by on the street.
To restrain or to forbid..
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To prohibit or to impede someone from doing something
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To prohibit someone from doing something or from using something; to forbid; to restrain a person or to debar by authority from something. (2)