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intension (in TEN shuhn) (s) (noun), intensions (pl)
A determination or a strong use of the mind: Elaine's intension to complete the final examination, despite feeling ill, was considered to be very admirable.
intension, intention
intension (in TEN shuhn) (noun)
A determination or strong use of the mind: Jim's intension to go to the university and get his degree in medicine was encouraged by his parents.
intention (in TEN shuhn) (noun)
1. A resolution to act in a specific manner: It is Zelda's and Paul's intention to cross the desert at night to avoid the intense heat.
2. Something that a person plans to do or to achieve: Aurora seemed to think that her brother was trying to cause problems, but that was neither his intention nor his desire.

The intention of the landlord was to repair the basement and to paint the outside; however, his intension was soon diminished when he found out what it would cost.