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intemperate (in TEMP uh rit) (adjective), more intemperate, most intemperate
1. Pertaining to something that is extreme or excessive, especially with reference to climate or weather: Some parts of the world are experiencing intemperate weather conditions including abnormal flooding, which causes severe damage to roads, basements, houses, farms, etc.
2. A reference to a person's actions or habits which lack moderation or are unbridled: When Jane had an argument with another student, she often became a very intemperate girl who was exceptionally unrestrained and forceful.
3. Characterized by or addicted to excessive indulgence in a passion or appetite: Those who excessively play computer games everyday, could be described as having an intemperate lifestyle which causes them to miss participating in other necessary and important activities, such as not doing their homework for school or helping their parents with the housework!
4. Descriptive of the immoderate use of intoxicating drink or of the addiction to excessive drinking: Greg kept wine and liquor hidden from his wife in his closet, which showed his intemperate overreliance and overdependence of such beverages.
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