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instruction (s) (noun), instructions (pl)
1. A statement or explanation of something that must be done, often given by someone in authority: "The instruction of the recruits was the responsibility of the first sergeant.".
2. A spoken or written statement of what must be done; especially, delivered formally, with official authority, or as an order.
3. Printed information explaining how to use or do something.
4. A line of code written as part of a computer program.
5. The activities of educating or instructing or teaching, or the profession of teaching; including activities that impart knowledge or skills: "The instructions for studying the concepts of chemistry were very clear."
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(Latin: discipulus, pupil, apprentice; instruction, teaching, learning (to learn), knowledge)
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quasi instruction (s), quasi instructions (pl); quasi-instructional (nouns)
In computer science, an expression which is a source program that resembles an instruction in form, but which does not have a corresponding machine instruction in the object program, and is directed to the assembler or compiler.
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