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instigate, institute, institute
instigate (IN sti gayt") (verb)
To urge, encourage, goad, incite, or to provoke: The angry boy on the playground tried to instigate a fight with the others.

The rebels tried to instigate a revolution.

institute (IN sti toot", IN sti tyoot") (noun)
1. An organization to promote education and learning: Kevin attended the institute in the city so he could learn new teaching skills.
2. A group created for a particular purpose; such as, research or education: The psychiatrists founded an institute for research into the causes of mental illness, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, etc.
institute (IN sti toot", IN sti tyoot") (verb)
To begin or to create something; such as, a new law, rule, or system: The teachers sought to institute a reading clinic for students in the community.

The mayor is trying to institute new policies to increase public safety.

The orator tried to instigate the crowd to demand that the local institute for training factory workers institute a new safety training program for new workers.

institute (s) (noun), institutes (pl)
1. An association or corporation organized to do a certain kind of work, particularly teaching or research: Sam was interested in politics and wanted to do a course of study to prepare himself for applying for a job at one of the political research institutes in Washington D.C.
2. A building occupied by an organization: Jane found the institute she was looking for on the map she had of Toronto.
institute (verb), institutes; instituted; instituting
1. To start or advance a course of action, a policy, a program, a rule: The school decided to institute new regulations for safety on the playground.
2. To assign a person to a position: Mrs. Gibson instituted her lawyer, Mrs. Timmons, to be her executrix and to take care of her will.
3. To begin judicial procedures in court: Because the tenant hadn't been paying rent for many months, the owner of the apartment instituted an eviction process in law court.
(Modern Latin: named after the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research at Dubna, Russia; radioactive metal)
(Modern Latin: chemical element; named in honor of Alfred Nobel; the discovery was made at the Nobel Institute; radioactive metal)
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American Institute of Philanthropy
The American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) is a nonprofit organization which was created by Daniel Borochoff in 1992 to address the continuing need for information regarding the financial efficiency, accountability, governance, and fundraising practices of charities.

Charity financial reporting can be inconsistent, unclear, and occasionally unethical or even fraudulent.

European Telecommunications Standards Institute, ETSI
The European Union body that recommends standards for adoption by member countries.
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