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1. To expose to the sun's rays.
2. To expose something to sunlight.
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insolate, insulate, isolate
insolate (IN soh layt", in SOH layt") (verb)
To expose to sunlight: Kimberley and Shanna are going to the beach to insulate themselves and get a suntan.
insulate (IN suh layt", INS yuh layt") (verb)
1. To cause to be in a detached position: Being a scientific theorist tended to insulate the man from his surroundings.
2. To prevent the passage of heat, electricity, or sound into or out of something, especially by surrounding it with a nonconducting material: The electrician used a special tape to insulate the electrical cords.
isolate (IGH suh layt") (verb)
1. To set apart or to cut off from others: To prevent cheating on the examinations, the professor chose to isolate the students who were using their laptop computers.
2. To place in quarantine: The doctors decided to isolate the children with measles so other children wouldn't become ill, too.
3. To render free of external influence: Living in the remote mountains tended to isolate the residents from modern civilization.

On Sara's summer vacation, she intends to isolate herself on an island and insolate herself in hopes of getting a good tan.

In fact, staying on the island will insulate her from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.