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inert, insert, insert, inset
inert (in URT) (adjective)
1. Very slow, sluggish, lacking the ability to move: Roger was so tired after the marathon, that he felt inert.
2. Pertaining to something which does not have the anticipated reaction, either chemically or biologically: The chemistry formula proved to be inert and not dangerous.
insert (in SURT) (verb)
To put or to incorporate one thing into the structure of something else: While editing the manuscript, the professor suggested a new paragraph to insert into the text.
insert (in SURT) (noun)
That which is included within the framework of another item: The newspaper had a special insert about the car race.
inset (IN set", in SET) (noun)
A small representation or part which is incorporated into the larger body of an item: There was an inset on the map showing the larger cities.

There was a colorful inset on the insert which the staff put in the programs for the theater performance.

After completing the task of putting 700 inserts into 700 programs, they were so tired that they were totally inert.