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input/output, I/O
Ports on a reader.

Users can connect devices; such as, an electronic eye to the input port so that when an object breaks the beam of the electronic eye the reader begins reading.

Devices can also be connected to an output part, so that when a tag is read, a conveyor is turned on or a dock door opened.

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nociceptive input (s) (noun), nociceptive inputs (pl)
A period of extreme stress and increased pain perception through affective processes: The results or effects of nociceptive input are moderated or mediated through a definite brain system.
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Cognition or Processes of Sensory Input Terms
Cognition Theory and Applications by Stephen K. Reed; Thomson Learning, Inc.: 2004.
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input voltage
This is determined by the total power required by the alternating current loads and the voltage of any direct current loads.

Generally, the larger the load, the higher the inverter input voltage. This keeps the current at levels where switches and other components are readily available.

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