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innovation (s) (noun), innovations (pl)
1. The act or process of inventing or introducing something new: Jack was interested in the credit the bank was offering to businesses to encourage innovations in the area of furniture design for the physically handicapped.
2. A new invention or a new way of doing anything: Before the innovation of computers, people used simple manual or electric typewriters to write their documents.
Introducing something new.
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Presenting a new device.
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Making a change with a normal procedure.
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Introducing a novel device.
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Making a change in a rule.
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induced innovation
The theory that the direction and magnitude of innovative activity is shaped by market forces; such as, prices or supply levels; for example, higher oil prices that lead appliance manufacturers to produce more energy-efficient refrigerators or air conditioners.
technology innovation
The process through which new, or improved, technologies are developed and brought into widespread use.
In the energy field, technology innovation has helped expand energy supplies through improved exploration and recovery techniques, increased efficiency of energy conversion and end-use, improved availability and quality of energy services, and reduced environmental impacts of energy extraction, conversion, and use.
— Ambuj Sagar, Harvard University