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innocuous (adjective), more innocuous, most innocuous
1. A reference to having no adverse effect; harmless: Where Manfred lives, it has been an innocuous summer with mild temperatures and occasionally some rain which usually fell at night when most people were asleep.
2. Not intended to cause offense nor to provoke a strong reaction and unlikely to do so: Because little Joey was only four years old, his mother’s oldest friend was not displeased or annoyed when he asked her an innocuous question about her age.
3. A reference to probably not being irritating nor to offend; inoffensive: Jane and Janice exchanged innocuous conversations about their husbands during lunch.
4. Descriptive of being uninteresting and not stimulating nor significant; pallid; insipid: Mike and his wife said they just saw an innocuous movie that bored them very much.
Having no harmful qualities and being harmless.
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Pertaining to being harmless.
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Safe and harmless.
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