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end, endings; inning, innings
end (END) (noun)
1. A point that marks the limit of something or the point at which something no longer continues to happen or to exist: Jolene's report is due at least by the end of the month.
2. The termination of a condition, activity, or course of action: The death of the writer was the end of an era of such outstanding historical presentations.
endings (EN dingz) (noun)
1. The final parts of something: The book had more endings than usual.
2. Letters which are added to the final parts of words; such as, suffixes: Many endings of English words include "-ed", "-s", "-less", "-ful", and "-ing".
inning (IN ing) (noun)
One of the normally nine parts of a baseball game in which each team bats until three outs are made: The batter hit two home runs in the second inning.
innings (IN ingz) (noun)
1. Chances or opportunities for actions and turns to accomplish goals or objectives: Now the winning politicians will have their innings to prove that they can do what they claimed.
2. Multiple parts of a baseball game: The pitcher was doing very well for five innings before he was replaced.

The end of the fourth inning of the game was called because of the rain; however, past experiences have indicated that the endings of the games for season can never be told until all of the innings have been played.