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inequity, iniquity
inequity (in EK wi tee) (noun)
Injustice, unfair treatment: The inequity of punishing the innocent man shocked the whole city.
iniquity (i NIK wi tee) (noun)
Wickedness, being unfair or evil: The consistent iniquity of mankind discourages any hope of a Utopia.

Too many people in the world are plagued by corruption and iniquity.

The iniquity of the landlord towards the unemployed tenants was perceived as a great inequity.

1. A great injustice, gross wickedness, or extreme immorality.
2. A grossly immoral act.
3. A violation of right or duty; a wicked act; a sin.
4. Etymology: from Old French iniquité; from Latin iniquitatem, iniquitas, "unequalness, injustice"; noun of quality from iniquus, "unjust, unequal"; from in-, "not" + æquus, "just, equal".
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