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inimical (in IM ib kuhl) (adjective), more inimical, most inimical
1. Characteristic of something that is likely to be injurious or harmful in effect; adverse: Some people have habits that are inimical to good health; such as, smoking.
2. Unfriendly; hostile: Kate's supervisor sometimes spoke to her in an inimical voice when he was upset by something that she didn't do right.

The TV often creates an inimical environment when Lester tries to do his homework in the same room.

The judge's inimical glare at Mildred, during her testimony in court, indicated that he doubted that she was telling the truth.

Hostile or having the attitude or temper of an enemy.
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inimical (i NIM i kuhl) (adjective), more inimical, most inimical
1. Injurious or likely to cause a bad effect or damage: Some people have inimical habits that can cause an illness.

The drought has been inimical to crops this summer.

2. A reference to being unfriendly or hostile: The inimical glare of the judge disturbed the witness and his defense attorney.
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