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infusion (in FYOO zhuhn) (s) (noun), infusions (pl)
1. A reference to a liquid or mixture created by putting ingredients into it: In the afternoon, Mrs. Charmson enjoyed an infusion of herbal teas with her delicate sandwiches and cookies.
2. The addition of a new or necessary quality or element to something: The new reporter at the local paper brought a welcome infusion of new ideas and witty style to the publication that was usually so serious and boring.
3. Any liquid substance, other than blood, that is introduced into the body through a blood vessel for therapeutic purposes: The nurse in the Emergency Ward installed a needle that was inserted into a vein of William's arm and secured so it would not have to be removed, or fall out, in order to allow the infusion of necessary medications.

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To instill or infuse with doubt.
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continuous infusion (s) (noun), continuous infusions (pl)
In medicine, a controlled method of prolonged drug administration that includes the ability to control the delivery rate.
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