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industrialize (verb), industrializes; industrialized; industrializing
1. Creating large-scale machine-based productions in all sectors of the national economy; especially, production and manufacturing.
2. To build and to operate factories and businesses in a city, region, country, etc.: "The government wants to industrialize some of the agricultural regions."

"That region was industrialized before the rest of the country."

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agroindustrialize, agro-industrialize (verb); agroindustrializes, agro-industrializes; agroindustrialized, agro-industrialized; agroindustrializing, agro-industrializing
1. To industrialize the agriculture of; such as, to agro-industrialize a developing nation.
2. To convert or to organize into an agro-industry; such as, to agro-industrialize livestock production.
3. To become an agro-industry.
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