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indulge (verb), indulges; indulged; indulging
1. To yield to the desires and whims that a person has; especially, to an excessive degree: Shirley simply had to indulge her craving for chocolate by eating too much of it.
2. To allow oneself an unrestrained gratification: Henry indulged himself with idle daydreams of how successful he would be after he completed his college degree.
3. Etymology: "to yield to the wishes of; to humor"; probably, in part, a back formation from indulgent, indulgence; and, in part, borrowed from Latin indulgere, "to be kind, to yield, to bestow a favor, to concede, to allow".
To satisfy a whim or deire.
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(Latin: to be lenient [toward], accede, take pleasure [in]; originally, "to be kind, kindness; to be long-suffering, to be patient")