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induce (verb), induces; induced; inducing
1. To lead a person by persuasion or some influence to take action or to do something: The President's arguments induced Senator Monroe to vote against a new tax increase.

The company's higher wages were actually inducing employees to work harder so their products could bring in more profits.

The day's hard work induced Patrick to go to sleep much faster when he went to bed.

2. To introduce or to bring a person into the knowledge of something; to initiate, to instruct: More people were induced to buy real estate, or houses, when they saw the interest rates go down.

The warnings on cigarette packages has failed to induce millions of people to quit smoking.

To lead or to influence someone to do something by persuasion.
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(a normal behavior when induced in most “normal people” under suitable conditions)
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electron bombardment induced conductivity, electron-bombardment-induced conductivity
1. In a multimode display-storage tube, a process in which an electron gun is used to erase the image on a cathode-ray tube interface.
2. A method of writing and storing large numbers of information elements electrostatically on the storage tape of a television information storage tube.

A dielectric-coated optical grating on the tape is bombarded with 10-keV electrons to induce momentary conductivity.

This causes electrons to flow fro the dielectric to the metal base of the tape.

Elemental areas on the surface of the tape lose charge in proportion to light from corresponding elemental areas of the image being stored.

This entry is located in the following units: electro-, electr-, electri- (page 47) -tron, -tronic, -tronics + (page 3)
gluten-induced enteroathy
1. A hereditary digestive disorder involving intolerance to gluten, usually occurring in young children, characterized by marked abdominal distention, malnutrition, wasting, and the passage of large, fatty, malodorous stools.
2. A disorder caused by a sensitivity to gluten that makes the digestive system unable to deal with fat.

Symptoms include diarrhea and anemia.

This entry is located in the following unit: glut-, gluten-, glutin- + (page 1)
induced abortion (s) (noun), induced abortions (pl)
A deliberate procedure to remove, or to expel, an embryo or a fetus before it is viable (able to survive) outside the uterus: The doctors recommended that Jane should have an induced abortion because giving birth to a child would very likely result in her death if she didn't have the procedure done.
induced drag
An aerodynamic resistive force that is produced as a consequence of the generation of lift.

Its magnitude is directly proportional to the lift.

induced electricity
Electricity which is generated in a body from another body nearby without contact between them.
induced innovation
The theory that the direction and magnitude of innovative activity is shaped by market forces; such as, prices or supply levels; for example, higher oil prices that lead appliance manufacturers to produce more energy-efficient refrigerators or air conditioners.
phacoanaphylactic uveitis, lens-induced uveitis (s) (noun), phacoanaphylactic uveitides, lens-induced uveitides (pl)
Intraocular inflammation: Phacoanaphylactic uveitis can occur after an extracapsular cataract extraction, which is believed to be an immune reaction to the patient's liberated lenticular proteins.
substance-induced delirium
Associated with substance intoxication (substance intoxication delirium), substance withdrawal (substance withdrawal delirium), medication side effects, or exposure to toxins.

Individual cases are named for the specific substance involved; for example, "digitalis-induced delirium".

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To influence or to persuade someone to take action or to do something. (1)
Word Entries at Get Words containing the term: “induced
light-induced defects, light induced defects
Defects, such as dangling bonds, induced in an amorphous silicon semiconductor upon initial exposure to light.
This entry is located in the following unit: Photovoltaic Conversion Efficiency Terms + (page 12)