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indispose (verb), indisposes; indisposed; indisposing
1. To make unwell, unfit for, or not interested in doing something: Mr. Deal, the principal, was indisposed to meet with the parents who were complaining about the school policies.
2. To cause someone to be averse or unwilling to do something: The disorganized results of the revolution were indisposing the people to such a degree that they were no longer willing to support the rebels.
indisposed (adjective), more indisposed, most indisposed
1. Descriptive of being slightly ill or not feeling well: Nicole's indisposed sister didn't feel like going to school today.
2. Relating to being unwilling or not likely to do something: The mayor, Mr. Smith, had an indisposed reputation of not admitting that he was involved in drug use until it was proven by a police video.
Not willing to cooperate nor to do something.
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Etymology: in-, dis-, and ponere; the two most common three-letter combinations from ponere are pon and pos; with the lesser used pound and post which should not be confused with the post that means "after" and "behind".

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Pertaining to not feeling well; not willing or not likely to do something. (1)